Al Edwards

Al brings over 25 years of riding and racing experience to the track. He does PSSR track days because they're F-U-N! He has combined his love of sport riding and sprint/endurance racing with his engineering/management background into the role of lead instructor for the B group and technical advisor/inspector for PSSR.

Al road raced nine full seasons at most West Coast tracks and held the #2 plate in OMRRA superbike and open superbike. He has podium finishes at many endurance races, as well, including the 24 Hrs of Willow Springs. He is a former technical inspector for OMRRA and has ridden extensively on- and off-road and across seven countries.

See Al for track instruction, technical inspection of bikes and equipment, questions about riding technique, bike setup and the track - anything to do with bikes and the enthusiasts who ride them.