Brian Pinkstaff

I started riding at age 3 on a Honda Z50 minibike while growing up in Rainier, Oregon.  I progressed to larger dirt bikes, eventually entering my first motocross race while in the 6th grade. I was fortunate to have mentors growing up such as my dad Brad, brother Kevin, grandpa Howard, and uncle Keith. Being able to tag along with those guys on various riding trips including dual sport rides in the Mojave desert and numerous trail rides in the Tillamook Burn created a base for my riding skills. I try to keep variety in my riding from a little motocross, to dirt bike riding, and occasionally riding supermoto. By 2001, I was on the track with PSSR as a C-group rider watching and learning from the same people that are instructing today. I started roadracing in 2004 at age 16 by borrowing my brother's SV650 to attend novice school. Since 2005, I have had my own SV and raced with Kevin at OMRRA and WMRRA, where having nearly identical equipment has made for some close battles between us. By growing up around motorcycles, I developed a passion for the sport. Lately, I have been intrigued with the challenge of rebuilding motors and dyno tuning.

With PSSR, I really enjoy working with students from all abilities, from beginning C-group to more advanced A-group riders. I attribute my early start on motorcycles and racing to one of the early founders of PSSR, my uncle Keith Pinkstaff. I enjoy the challenge the sport has to offer. I started learning at my first PSSR trackday and have continued trying to improve since then. PSSR and the one-on-one instruction that it offers is by far the best way to become a skilled and safer rider on the street or track. Get "hooked" on PSSR - it's worked for me!

Instructing Experience
  • PSSR instructor since 2005
  • OMRRA Novice School instructor since 2006

Racing Experience
  • OMRRA 450 Superbike and Middleweight Supersport 2nd
  • OMRRA Overall Championship 9th
  • WMRRA 650 Supersport Twins 3rd
  • OMRRA 450 Superbike 5th
  • OMRRA Middleweight Supersport 5th
  • OMRRA 19th  overall
  • OMRRA Top Novice
  • NW Endurance Cup champion