Charlie Arnet

I was bitten by the motorcycle bug at the age of 10. My first bike was a 1970 z50 mini trail, and I was racing that thing a year later. I moved on to bigger motocross bikes and raced them for another 10 years, moving up the ranks and eventually racing in the uppermost amateur levels of the sport. I also have several years of supermoto racing experience. I graduated from the OMRRA novice school in 2005 and received my expert license the same year. I have read numerous books on riding technique and race craft from Kenny Roberts to Keith Code and have travelled to other tracks up and down the west coast. I have accumulated a total of around 40 years of motorcycling experience.

I really enjoy being an instructor and have instructed in several other athletic disciplines besides motorcycling. I can't stress enough how much I encourage anyone to come up to me for assistance in any aspect of their riding. It's very rewarding to see someone make a leap in his/her riding based on a tip or coaching that I was able to give. My favorite thing about track days is to see the look on someone's face when he/she comes off the track for the first time - literally buzzing with excitement, and that's what it's all about.