Dan Batz

I started riding dirt bikes on our family farm as a youngster, and I'm still just as passionate about motorcycles. My twenty years on the pavement include a couple hundred thousand miles of street riding. I've toured much of the Western U.S. and was fortunate to help guide a two-week tour through Italy, Switzerland and Austria in 2000.

I road raced during the late eighties and early nineties, scoring in the top three in the season points championships two of the four years I raced.

I've been an active MSF/Team Oregon instructor for the last several years and still enjoy training riders new to the sport. Prior to the formation of PSSR, I also instructed for a Canadian track group as well as for the OMRRA Novice School.

As a founding PSSR partner, I've been able to help shape our events to foster maximum fun, learning, and safety, especially for those new to the track. As an admitted speed junkie, I never tire of riding on the track and improving my skills and will gladly steal any tip I can from our many strong instructors. Sharing what I've learned and helping the hundreds of riders I've worked with has been not only satisfying, but also a big kick in the pants.