Darren Carpenter

1987 - Bought my first bike. When I went to college, I bought my first motorcycle, a Kawasaki 454LTD for cheap transportation. I rode dirt bikes less than ten times in my life before riding that 454 home on the I-405 freeway in LA, in traffic, for 20 miles.

1997 - California Superbike School at Laguna Seca. I crashed my motorcycle when someone pulled out in front of me, but I should have been able to avoid that car if I had been a better rider. I read that, if you wanted to improve your skills, you needed to get to the race track. Later that year, I signed up for the California Superbike School. At the start of the day, I was more concerned about not scratching my shinny red VFR than going fast, but that changed once we got started. I had a blast and have been addicted to road racing ever since.

2003 - PSSR Track Day. I bought an SV650 and was already signed up for the OMRRA Novice School but thought it was a good idea to do at least one track day before the class. After my first track day at PIR, I took the OMRRA Novice School and won the 2003 OMRRA Rookie of the Year Award.

I've been racing ever since.