What to bring to the track:

These are the essentials we suggest you bring to the track to make your day safe, fun, and complete.

Valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement, or a current race license from a recognized racing organization (e.g., OMRRA, WMRRA, AFM, etc.).

Riding gear (top-down checklist):
  • Full-face coverage helmet, DOT or Snell-approved in good condition.
  • Full leathers, either one or two-piece zipped together, are recommended for all groups and are required in the A & B groups. C group may ride in armored textile (i.e., Aerostitch, Joe Rocket, etc.). In all circumstances, no bare skin exposed when on the bike in a tucked riding position.
  • Riding gloves with closure and/or a gauntlet overlap at the wrist. No torn-up seams or bare skin showing.
  • A back/spine protector (armor) is required.
  • Leather boots that cover your ankles. Avoid laced boots; they can tangle with your bike.

- If you show up with a 5 gallon can of gas and a mostly full tank on the bike, you should be okay. Pumped gas is available at a station near PIR and at the track at ORP.

Water or other hydration (e.g., Gatorade) equivalents. You will be exerting yourself in a riding suit, and that can lead to water loss, even on a cool day. It's very important to stay hydrated!

NO ALCOHOL - Remember, PIR is a city park, so alcohol is prohibited (beer available from the concessionaire at the end of the day, stick around for some bench racing!).

Optional equipment:

These are some suggestions for comfort and convenience items.
  • Folding lawn chair (or two). Will help you to relax between sessions.
  • Tire gauge - Check your tires in the morning before you go out. Check them again for the afternoon sessions. Tom Young or any of the instructors can loan you a gauge, too.
  • Hat, umbrella, or shade (depending on the weather forecast). If it's hot, you'll want some shade to cool off. If it's wet, it's nice to have a dry place for your equipment. Not required if you're an Oregon native.
  • Bike stands - If you plan to remove your wheels and change tires, you'll need stands or blocks for the bike. Competition Motors has some available with their tire changing equipment, but you might have to wait in line.
  • Tools - Bring enough tools to make chassis adjustments, fix hose clamps and do minor work if you're so inclined. Throw in some bike and face shield cleaner, too.