Why track days?

photo by Ben Arboleda, xqsmephotography.com

Modern sport bikes have capabilities that are far beyond what even a highly skilled rider can use on the street. Track time is the ideal way to fully enjoy/explore what your machine can do without the worries of the street. With Pacific Super Sport Riders, that's what you get - lots of track time and instruction.

Practice is the best way to improve your riding, confidence and control of your bike, and it makes you a better and safer street rider.



Pacific Super Sport Riders is the region's longest running (since 2001), most experienced, and safest track day organization.

We currently visit two (2) tracks in the Northwest: Portland International Raceway (PIR) in Portland and Oregon Raceway Park (ORP) in Grass Valley.

These two facilities provide PSSR riders with a variety of  territories to hone their riding skills. 
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