Kevin Pinkstaff

Motorcycles occupy most of my brain space when I'm not teaching high school, and I just plain have a blast riding, whether it's on my dirtbike or my roadrace bike.

I started riding dirtbikes at the age of five and have continued to ride dirtbikes frequently to this day. Along the way, I raced a bit of motocross, did lots of trail riding, and took multiple dual sport trips across the Mojave Desert. I began riding street bikes at the age of 17, and got experience riding with my uncle Keith Pinkstaff on the street and at PSSR track days. It wasn't long ago that I remember being in the C group looking at the B and A group riders, wishing I were as smooth and fast as them. By 2004, I had progressed far enough to take the next step in my riding: signing up for the OMRRA Novice School on my SV650. In my racing, I have had the good fortune to benefit from mentorship from such riders as Dave Salmi, Oliver Jervis, and Keith Pinkstaff, which has contributed greatly to the successes I have achieved on the track. I began instructing with PSSR in 2005, assisting with tech inspection, carrying out miscellaneous slave labor jobs that the PSSR crew drummed up, and instructing on the track. I feel my effectiveness in communicating with students has improved, and I enjoy facilitating classroom instruction, as well as working one-on-one with students of all levels, from C group first-timers to OMRRA Novice racers.

Instructing Experience
  • PSSR instructor since 2005
  • OMRRA Novice School instructor since 2006

Racing Achievements
  • 2004 OMRRA Top Novice
  • 2005 NW Endurance Cup champion
  • 2006 OMRRA 450 Superbike champion, OMRRA 5th overall
  • 2007 OMRRA 450 Superbike and Middleweight Supersport champion, 5th place OMRRA600 Supersport, OMRRA 3rd overall