Mike Gray

Mike Gray has been an instructor for PSSR since 2001. While not nearly as experienced as some of the other PSSR instructors, Mike adapted to the local riding and racing scenes quickly. He put in his novice time in 1999 and has raced with the OMRRA number 49 since 2000 in 650 GP Twins, Middleweight Superbike, Middleweight Supersport, 450 Superbike, Open Twins Superbike, Smallbore Classic Superbike, and endurance races. He even experimented with a TZ250 before realizing that he didn't "feel the love" for a two-stroke racebike! He was a pit crew member for the Northwest Endurance Champion Zlock Racing team for 3 years and rode with the beloved number 21 once.

Mike has contributed to the local motorcycling community as president of the "Triumph Riders Association of Portland" for 2 years, OMRRA announcer for 2 years, OMRRA rules committee member for 4 years, and currently an OMRRA Member at Large. He also logs about 10,000 street miles a year.