Rider Experience Policy

PSSR track days are designed for riders who have accumulated sufficient riding experience, confidence, and road miles beyond that of beginning riders (in the range of 10,000 to 12,000 miles) and want to gain experience and confidence at speeds beyond that which can be done safely on public roads.

Riders are encouraged to expand their comfort zones safely and incrementally. Everyone starts out at different speeds, and everyone learns at different rates. We strive to minimize the peer-group pressure and anxiety to ride faster than you are comfortable with and encourage riders to learn at their own, safe pace.

Through experience, we have determined there are minimum safe speeds for riders on the track, especially first-time riders in group C. Riding below minimum safe speeds creates blocking and overtaking hazards for everyone on the track.

If you are not maintaining minimum safe speeds during the morning sessions, you will be approached by a lead instructor and/or PSSR management before returning to the track. If it is determined that you are unable to maintain minimum safe track speeds, you will be offered your money back or credit for a future PSSR track day. After gaining sufficient riding experience and confidence, we welcome you to return to PSSR track days.

If you question whether your experience and confidence are sufficient to ride safely at a PSSR track day, please contact us so we can help determine if you are ready to ride with PSSR. We have helped hundreds of riders new to the track improve their skills and safely gain confidence in their riding ability while having a ton of fun on two wheels.

Passing Rules

Since there are riders of all levels of experience on the track, always use caution when overtaking and passing. Remember, this is not a race. Maintain a steady line when cornering, signal by raising your hand when leaving the track, and pay attention to flaggers.

Specific track passing rules will be covered in the riders' meeting on the morning of all track days.