Rule #1: Safety first!

  • If you engage in unsafe behavior that endangers yourself of other riders, or if you crash, you will be asked to leave and will forfeit the remainder of your fee for the day.
  • A significant crash will end the session for that group - so don't crash! Crashing is not fun, and it's expensive. It definitely will ruin a good day. Remember, this is not a race.
  • Adrenaline rushes are great for a roller coaster ride, but not for the track or street. If you scare yourself, back off; building confidence and skill is a slow process. Adrenaline tends to cloud rational decision making, which can get you into trouble.
  • Go fast, slowly, and under control. Remember, this is not a race. Win only by ending the day intact.
  • We will be running, rain or shine, so adjustments may be necessary in response to conditions. Watch out for the painted lines on the track, as they are very slippery when wet. Also, be wary of puddles that sometimes form near apex curbing.
  • It is very critical to gradually pick up speed at the start of each session. Your tires will require a couple of laps to warm up to an appropriate temperature. Cold tires are dangerous; watch your speed.
  • We will be running the first two laps of each session under a caution flag to allow time for tires to come up to temperature.
  • Instructors, corner workers, and monitors will be watching closely for dangerous riding.

Additional rules:

To enhance rule #1 of safety first, we also have rider experience prerequisites and passing rules, as well as technical requirements for both bike and rider. Check out links below for details on these: